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Base Beads – External Wall Insulation

Trueline base beads are used at the base and above doors and windows on insulated systems. These base bead profiles can be manufactured from polyester powder coated galvanised mild steel, stainless steel or PPC aluminium. The addition of a uPVC nose gives added protection and can be supplied in a colour of your choice to blend in with the render.

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Size mm Aluminium Perforated Galv Steel Perforated Stainless Steel
25 TEP-BC-25-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-25-P-G-25-W-N TEP-BC-25-P-SS-25-M-N
30 TEP-BC-30-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-30-P-G-25-W-N TEP-BC-30-P-SS-25-M-N
40 TEP-BC-40-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-40-P-G-25-W-N TEP-BC-40-P-SS-25-M-N
50 TEP-BC-50-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-50-P-G-25-W-N TEP-BC-50-P-SS-25-M-N
60 TEP-BC-60-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-60-P-G-25-W-N TEP-BC-60-P-SS-25-M-N
70 TEP-BC-70-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-70-P-G-25-W-N TEP-BC-70-P-SS-25-M-N
80 TEP-BC-80-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-80-P-G-25-W-N TEP-BC-80-P-SS-25-M-N
90 TEP-BC-90-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-90-P-G-25-W-N TEP-BC-90-P-SS-25-M-N
100 TEP-BC-100-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-100-P-G-25-W-N TEP-BC-100-P-SS-25-M-N
110 TEP-BC-110-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-110-P-G-25-W-N TEP-BC-110-P-SS-25-M-N
120 TEP-BC-100-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-100-P-G-25-W-N TEP-BC-100-P-SS-25-M-N
** TEP-BC-**-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-**-P-G-25-W-N TEP-BC-**-P-SS-25-M-N