Corner Beads

Corner Beads – Render & External Wall Insulation

Expanded wing angle beads are manufactured from galvanised steel or stainless steel. With the galvanised angle bead we recommend the use of our uPVC cover nose to protect the bead from bring scratched.

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Size mm

Coated Galv Stainless Steel Type
45 TEP-CB-45-M-G-30-W-N TEP-CB-45-M-SS-30-W-N TEP17
60 TEP-CB-60-M-G-30-W-N TEP-CB-60-M-SS-30-W-N TEP18
45/60 TEP-CB-45/60-M-G-30-W-N TEP-CB-45/60-M-SS-30-W-N TEP17/18



 Render mm


6  TEP-CB-06-P-PVC-25-W
10  TEP-CB-10-P-PVC-25-W
15  TEP-CB-15-P-PVC-25-W
20  TEP-CB-20-P-PVC-25-W

Perforated Wing Angle Beads

Perforated wing angle beads are manufactured from galvanised mild steel, stainless steel, plastic and aluminium.



Size mm

Galv Steel (PPC) Galv Steel (Mill) Stainless Steel Aluminium PPC Type
22 TEP-CB-22-P-G-25-W TEP-CB-22-P-G-25-M TEP-CB-22-P-SS-25-M TEP-CB-22-P-A-25-W TEP78



 Render mm  Plastic


150×100 TEP-CB-100/150-S-PVC-25-W TEP707