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Movement Beads – Render & External Wall Insulation

Trueline offers a comprehensive range of movement beads. These are to be specified where substrates change, and for expanses of render greater than 10m. It permits a total movement of -+3mm. This bead can be hinged through 90 for internal corners a peel of protective tape is applied to the expansion nose facilitating easy cleaning of the bead after rendering.

We have a large selection of coloured noses to blend in with the render colour.

Click & Rotate the image horizontally below to view in 3d

Size mm Galvanised Perforated Powder Coated Galvanised Mesh Wing Powder Coated Plastic (PVC) Perforated Galv Steel Mesh Wing Galv Steel Perforated Stainless Steel Mesh Wing Stainless Steel
4 MB0425
6 TEP79/79 MB0625 TEP79/79SS
10 TEP80/80 TEP10/10 MB1025 TEP80/80G TEP10/10G TEP80/80SS TEP10/10SS
13 TEP81/81 TEP13/13 TEP81/81G TEP13/13G TEP81/81SS TEP13/13SS
15 MB1525
16 TEP806/806 TEP16/16 TEP806/806G TEP16/16G TEP16/16SS
20 TEP82/82 TEP22/22 MB2025 TEP82/82G TEP22/22G TEP22/22SS