Powder Coated in any colour



The Trueline coping system provides a cost effective and easily installed finish to parapet walls.

No visible fixing. Installation is quick, not requiring any specialist tools. The fixing strap allows venting to the top of the wall. Maintenance free. Flexible as they can be designed to fit most situations.

The copings can be polyester powder coated to a colour of your choice.

The 3mm aluminium retaining straps must be securely fixed to the top of the wall at specified centres. A high strength gap filling adhesive is applied to the top of the
retaining clips. The coping is then firmly pressed down over the retaining straps and clicked into place. The copings are then joined together with a joint clip and
silicon sealed in place on site.
Ensure when fixing that a gap of 3-6mm is left
between lengths, in a continuous run, to a-6llow for the
thermal expansion of aluminium (23 x 10 mm per ºC)