Misc PVC Beads

Render & External Wall Insulation

Miscellaneous PVC Beads

We stock a variety of other PVC beads

PVC Rodent Bead

Code Description
RBPVC70W PVC Rodent Bead 30mm x 70mm White 2.5m
RBPVC50W PVC Rodent Bead 30mm x 50mm White 2.5m
RBPVC50BR PVC Rodent Bead 30mm x 50mm Brown 2.5m

PVC Edge Protection

Code Description
EBPVC3 PVC Edge Bead 3mm Bead 2.5m
EBPVC6 PVC Edge Bead 6mm Bead 2.5m
EBPVC10 PVC Edge Bead 10mm Bead 2.5m

PVC Miscellaneous

Code Description
  PVC J Rail White 2.5m
WHB6MESH 6mm Head Bead 2.5m White with Mesh