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Deliveries & Returns

Delivery of Goods

(a) Trueline will arrange for and pay for delivery, but will pass on all delivery costs to the Customer in accordance with the Order. Trueline will insure the Goods to place of delivery.

(b) Any date named by Trueline for despatch or delivery is given and intended as an estimate only and time is not to be of the essence of the Contract. The Customer shall be bound to accept the Goods ordered whether available on or after the estimated date stated. Trueline shall not be liable in any way in respect of late despatch or delivery however caused nor shall failure to despatch be deemed to be a breach of contract. Where drawings, specification, instructions and materials are to be supplied by the Customer, the Customer shall supply the same in reasonable time to enable Trueline to despatch within the period named. The Goods will be despatched by means of Trueline’s transport. If the Customer instructs the Goods to be despatched by other means any carriage charges incurred shall be passed on and be payable by the Customer. No allowance will be made for Goods collected from Trueline by the Customer.

(c) Lead times shall be one day for ‘off the shelf’ Goods but lead times for ‘bespoke’ Goods shall vary. Time shall not be of the essence and Trueline shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the Customer arising from delayed delivery.

(d) The Customer shall at its own expense before the estimated date of commencement of any part of the Goods and Services ensure that the place of delivery is ready in all respects for the Goods to be delivered and for the Services to commence and without prejudice to the generality of the Customer’s obligations in this respect that all facilities and items listed in the Schedule of Attendances (clause 15 below) have been or will be provided by the Customer as and when required by Trueline in order to enable the Goods and Services to proceed. The estimated date for completion assumes that Trueline will be given free and uninterrupted access to the place of delivery and the right to work unrestricted hours to maintain the programme.

(e) Trueline is engaged in volume production and any delay not caused by Trueline during or prior to manufacture of the Goods may require the date for completion to be postponed to a date chosen by Trueline in its sole discretion. Upon becoming aware that a delay will or may occur Customer shall notify Trueline immediately so as to enable Trueline to minimise the costs arising from such delay. Trueline reserves the right to charge the Customer for the costs incurred by Trueline in re-programming any production or manufacturing run necessary to accommodate such delay. In supply only, situations it is the Customer’s responsibility to store, stack and protect all Goods in accordance with any relevant recommended practices and Customer shall be responsible for ensuring it is fully informed as to the nature, content and meaning of said practices.

(f) Unless stated to the contrary in the quotation, Trueline shall deliver the Goods to the place of delivery. The Customer is liable for any costs resulting from access to the place of delivery being unsuitable. A maximum of 2 hours is included for offloading the Goods and Trueline reserves the right to charge any additional costs incurred should this time be exceeded. All pallets and packaging used during transportation will become the property of the Customer unless specifically stated otherwise in the quotation.

(g) If, due to circumstances outside the control of Trueline, the Customer cannot accept delivery of any of the Goods and Services on the date for completion or is otherwise unable to grant access to Trueline to the place of delivery for the purpose of delivery of the Goods or commencement of the Services, Trueline reserves the right to recover any costs incurred by the delay and/or to continue to manufacture Goods and deliver them to storage in accordance with these terms. Where the Customer is unable to accept delivery of all or any of the Goods on the date for completion or as otherwise agreed it is the responsibility of the Customer to arrange for suitable storage at the sole cost of the Customer. Trueline shall not be liable for any delay or any consequence of any delay in the production or delivery of any of the Goods or in the completion of the Services. Time shall not be of the essence in this respect.

(h) If Customer fails to report visible defects upon delivery at time of delivery then Trueline shall not be liable for any visible damage to the Goods. Customers will have 7 days from delivery to report any non-visible damage.