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Bellcast Beads – Render-only

Bellcast drip beads are used for the finishing renders above DPC level or above window heads to throw off rainwater. These beads are suitable for 6-20mm render depths. Where an N is shown the render beads can be supplied with a coloured uPVC cover nose to blend in with the render finish. We do recommend the use of our cover nose, on polyester powder coated galvanised beads, in order to prevent scratching of the finish.

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Size mm Aluminium Plastic Perforated Galv Steel Mesh Wing Galv Steel Perforated Stainless Steel Mesh Wing Stainless Steel
6 BC0625W
8 TEP-BC-08-P-A-25-W TEP-BC-08-P-PVC-25-W TEP-BC-08-P-G-30-W TEP-BC-08-P-SS-30-M-N
10 TEP-BC-10-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-10-P-PVC-25-W TEP-BC-10-P-G-30-W-N TEP-BC-10-M-G-30-W-N TEP-BC-10-P-SS-30-M-N TEP-BC-10-M-SS-30-M-N
13 TEP-BC-13-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-13-P-PVC-25-W TEP-BC-13-P-G-30-W-N TEP-BC-13-M-G-30-W-N TEP-BC-13-P-SS-30-M-N TEP-BC-13-M-SS-30-M-N
16 TEP-BC-16-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-16-P-PVC-25-W TEP-BC-16-P-G-30-W-N TEP-BC-16-M-G-30-W-N TEP-BC-16-P-SS-30-M-N TEP-BC-16-M-SS-30-M-N
20 TEP-BC-20-P-A-25-W-N TEP-BC-20-P-PVC-25-W TEP-BC-20-P-G-30-W-N TEP-BC-20-M-G-30-W-N TEP-BC-20-P-SS-30-M-N TEP-BC-20-M-SS-30-M-N