Vented Cavity Systems

Vented Cavity Systems

The BRE recommend a drained and ventilated cavity. A drained and ventilated cavity offers a second line of defence and ventilated cavity offers a second line of defence against driving rain penetrating through cracks in the render.

The top hat sections and other associated products will create a cavity behind a render system thus allowing air to circulate horizontally and vertically. The wall will then be able to breathe and remove and build up of moisture.

A two part vented corner post and base rail are optional extras that are available for finishing around the edges of the system. These sections are manufactured from galvanised steel and are available in two standard widths.

Insulated Vented Cavity System

Size mm Top Hat Galv Top Hat Edge Galv Top Hat Base Galv
12.5 TEP-TH-12-P-G-25-M TEP-THE-12-P-G-25-M TEP-THB-12-P-G-25-M
25 TEP-TH-25-P-G-25-M TEP-THE-25-P-G-25-M TEP-THB-25-P-G-25-M

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