Celebrating Love and Remembrance at the KEMP Hospice Butterfly Release

Charlie and her mum volunteered their time at the KEMP Hospice Butterfly Release at the beautiful Bodenham Arboretum this weekend.
Charlie commented…
“I must say, it was a truly unforgettable and heartwarming experience. This annual event holds a special place in our hearts, as it allows us to remember our loved ones who are no longer with us by releasing real butterflies into such serene surroundings, it was truly magical and such a special event.
For those of us who dedicated butterflies to our loved ones, it provided a moment of comfort. The gentle flutter of these delicate creatures forever reminds us of the profound impact our loved ones have had on our lives.
The Bodenham Arboretum served as the perfect backdrop for this beautiful occasion. Its tranquil and picturesque setting created an atmosphere of serenity and reflection.
Together, we can make a difference, one butterfly at a time.”